Pb(Zr0.70Ti0.30)O-3 rhombohedral thin films of (100), (110)/(111) and (111) textures were prepared on Si wafers with Ti/Pt electrodes. Microstructures and textures were characterized by XRD, SEM, TEM, and AFM. Ferroelectric, dielectric and fatigue properties were measured. Dielectric constants of 1050, 880, and 920 were obtained for the (100), (110)/(111), and (111) films. Remanent and saturation polarizations increased in the order (100), (110)/(111), (111) at high fields. Coercive field values of 27, 43 and 31 kV/cm were measured for the (100), (110)/(111), and (111) samples, respectively, at 300 kV/cm. Similar fatigue characteristic were observed for all films at 300kV/cm, showing an initial increase in switched polarization followed by a decline at 10(7) - 10(8) switching cycles. Observed differences in the measured properties are explained based on allowed polarization directions for given textures, and film microstructure.