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Electrical Investigation of Porous Silicon/p-Si Heterojunction Prepared by Electrochemical Etching

We presented the conduction mechanism investigation of porous silicon/p-Si heterojunction fabricated on low resistivity crystalline silicon by electrochemical anodization. Measurements of the current - voltage I(V) and capacitance - voltage C(V) characteristics were used for the study of the electrical properties of this heterojunction. A deeper understanding of the physical mechanisms involved in the Au/porous silicon contacts and porous silicon/p-Si interface can be obtained from the voltage dependence of the fitting parameters according to electrical model circuits in DC and AC. We found in the heterojunction important conduction mechanisms: the resonant tunnelling, SCLC and the dielectric relaxation due to the pores layers at high frequencies. (c) 2016 The Electrochemical Society. All rights reserved.


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