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000200276 520__ $$aPolaritons have often been proposed as promising candidates for the realization of all-optical devices due to the easy manipulation and control of their density and spin. In this paper we present a relaxation mechanism for confined polaritons and its application in a device based on polariton lasing in which the incoming monochromatic beam can be channeled into several polariton lasers at different wavelengths. Polaritons are injected in a 3 mu m diameter trap by an incoming beam slightly detuned with respect to a confined state, and the resulting optical bistability is then imprinted on the lower confined states through an efficient relaxation mechanism which combines phonon interaction and bosonic stimulation. Above threshold, all the confined states behave like lasers and the onset of coherence is demonstrated by spectral narrowing. Moreover, the initial polarization of the laser is conserved during the relaxation process allowing for spin logic operations. In this paper we demonstrate that, due to the nonlinear behavior, it is possible to switch ON and OFF the lasing from the confined states of the trap by tailoring the input beam. All the experimental findings are validated and very well reproduced in the framework of the generalized Gross-Pitaevskii equation.
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