Micro-array device, for DNA recognition, includes micro-sensors to output signals indicating absorption of ultraviolet radiation in micro-location, when traversed by UV beam during hybridization process

NOVELTY - The micro-array device has several micro-locations (3) associated with a preset DNA sequence. Several micro-sensors are positioned corresponding to the micro-locations. The micro-sensors output electrical signals indicating the absorption of ultraviolet radiation in the micro-location, when the micro-location is traversed by UV beams during hybridization process. USE - For micro-array device, used for DNA recognition. ADVANTAGE - The need for marking the analyzing material with fluorescent optical markers is eliminated, thus preventing contamination of the analyzing material prior to analysis and enabling real-time DNA recognition. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for a DNA recognition method.


    • CLSE-PATENT-2006-001

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