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High-field spin dynamics of antiferromagnetic quantum spin chains

The characteristic internal order of macroscopic quantum ground states in one-dimensional spin systems is usually not directly accessible, but reflected in the spin dynamics and the field dependence of the magnetic excitations. In high magnetic fields quantum phase transitions are expected. We present recent work on the high-field spin dynamics of the S = I antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains NENP (Haldane ground state) and CsNiCl3 (quasi-1D HAF close to the quantum critical point), the uniform S = 1/2 chain CTS, and the spin-Peierls system CuGeO3.

    Keywords: one-dimensional systems ; haldane gap ; Peierls transition ; antiferromagnets ; MAGNETIC-FIELD


    Univ Saarlandes, D-66041 Saarbrucken, Germany. CEA, DRFMC, SPS, MDN,CENG, F-38054 Grenoble, France. Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, MD USA. NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA. Univ Frankfurt, Inst Phys, D-6000 Frankfurt, Germany. Riso Natl Lab, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark. Enderle, M, Univ Saarlandes, Postfach 151150, D-66041 Saarbrucken, Germany.


    • LQM-ARTICLE-2000-009

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