Automated body modeling from video sequences

Synthetic modeling of human bodies and the simulation of motion is a long-standing problem in animation and much work is involved before a near-realistic performance can be achieved. At present, it takes an experienced designer a very long time to build a complete and realistic model that closely resembles a specific person. Our ultimate goal is to automate the process and to produce realistic animation models given a set of video sequences. In this paper we show that, given video sequences of a person moving in front of the camera, we can recover shape information and joint locations. Both of which are essential to instantiate a complete and realistic model that closely resembles a specific person and without knowledge about the position of the articulations a character cannot be animated. This is achieved with minimal human intervention. The recovered shape and motion parameters can be used to reconstruct the original movement or to allow other animation models to mimic the subject's actions

Presented at:
ICCV Workshop on Modelling People, Corfu, Greece, 20 September
Lab. of Comput. Graphics, Fed. Inst. of Technol., Lausanne, Switzerland

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