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This review highlights several classes of natural product hybrids. First, structural hybrids emanating from different biosynthetic pathways exemplified by the polyketide peptide alkaloid anachelin are discussed. Another class is the so-called functional hybrids, where different functions of natural products are hybridized. The conjugate between nostocarboline and the well-known antibacterial agent ciprofloxcin displays a very broad spectrum of activity combining photosynthesis and gyrase-inhibiting activity. Last, higher order hybrids are discussed. We present ternary hybrid of titanium dioxide, the anachelin chromophore and poly-ethyleneglycol (PEG). This chimera allows for the functionalization of TiO2 surfaces to render those protein resistant. This article thus shows how natural products can be hybridized to generate compounds with unprecedented bioactivity thus enabling the development of novel drugs and advanced materials.