Characterization of electron bunches from field emitter array cathodes for use in next-generation X-Ray free electron lasers

PSI is interested in developing an X-FEL as a companion radiation source to the existing Swiss Light Source. In order to achieve radiation wavelengths as low as 1 Å, the X-FEL requires excellent electron beam quality and high beam energy. The energy requirements and thus the size and cost of the project can be reduced considerably if an ultra-low emittance electron source is developed. Therefore PSI has started the Low Emittance Gun Project with the aim to design a novel type of electron source that will deliver an electron beam with unprecedented emittance at high peak currents to the linear accelerator of the proposed X-FEL. A source candidate for such a gun is field emission from cold cathodes. In order to gain first experience with field emission guns, investigate the dynamics of space charge dominated electron beams and to develop diagnostics capable of resolving ultra-low emittances, it was decided to build a 100 keV DC gun test stand. In the scope of this thesis, the test stand has been designed, assembled and commissioned. For the first time, transverse phase space measurements of bunches emitted by field emitter arrays in pulsed DC accelerating fields have been performed.

Wrulich, Albin Friedrich
Lausanne, EPFL
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urn: urn:nbn:ch:bel-epfl-thesis3724-8

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