We performed optical and photoemission experiments on the Bechgaard salt (TMTSF)(2)ReO4, a quasi-one-dimensional (1D) organic conductor that undergoes a metal-insulator (Peierls) transition at T-c similar to 180 K. As in other compounds of the same family, we observe non-Ferri liquid features in the metallic state, namely a deep pseudogap at the chemical potential. A fully gapped state develops below T-c from this peculiar normal state. Across the transition we successively observe, on the same material, the characteristic spectral signatures of metallic and insulating Bechgaard salts. The characteristic exponent obtained from an analysis of the optical conductivity agrees with the predictions of the 1D Luther-Emery model for a charge-density-wave system. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.