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Plans for an initial test phase for the FERMI project

Recent activities related to the FERMI project are presented, concentrating on the re-designed beam transport optics including an assessment of second-order effects. Recent improvements to the linac are described and some details about the implementation of the FEL and its optical systems are also presented.


    Enea,i-00044 frascati,italy. ist nazl fis nucl,i-00044 frascati,italy. ist nazl fis nucl,i-80125 naples,italy. univ naples,i-80125 naples,italy. Walker, RP, SINCROTRONE TRIESTE,PADRICIANO 99,I-34012 TRIESTE,ITALY.

    ISI Document Delivery No.: XV603


    • LSE-ARTICLE-1997-024

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