Student project

Cellular Operators in a Shared Spectrum

Due to the increasing number of radio technologies, the available frequency spectrum becomes more and more utilized, hence its clever use becomes a critical issue. Among many proposed solutions, the formulation of the problem as the control of the power of the base stations, also known as the Power Control problem, seems a promising idea. In the present work, we propose to study this problem by first defining a theoretical model. Then, we design a family of non-cooperative games that hopefully stop at a Nash equilibria close to the optimal solution for the network, as well as a few simple tabu search heuristics. We finally developed a java library and a program, in order to experimentally study the behavior of the proposed games and heuristics.


    • ROSE-STUDENT-2006-003

    Record created on 2006-09-01, modified on 2016-08-08

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