Exploring eGovernance of the network industries

Since the 1980s the network industries (post, telecom, electricity, air and rail transport, and water) worldwide are undergoing substantial transformations. These transformations have been triggered by institutional changes in both property regimes and coordination mechanisms (unbundling and subsequent competition in the liberalized segments of these industries). The paper argues that the governance of these liberalizing network industries has not really followed suit, leading to a significant institutional governance deficit of these industries with often serious consequences (safety, security of supply, etc.). The paper furthermore argues that the active use of the ICTs in the governance of these liberalizing network industries is still seriously undervalued, but that the ICTs hold significant potential for improving network industry governance. After making the case for such an e-governance of the network industries from a theoretical point of view, the paper will then illustrate current practices of e-governance of the network industries by means of mini case studies. It will finally outline the potential for a future systematic and in-depth usage of the ICT for purposes of governance of the network industries.

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