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LTCC and thick-film technologies constitute excellent platforms for hermetic and controlled-atmosphere packaging, for applications in MEMS, space, micro/nanofabrication and biological fields. This work presents an active oxygen getter module, based on an integrated LTCC micro-hotplate coated with an oxygen-reactive metal in thick-film form. Gettering is activated by heating the platform, and getter consumption is monitored by the increase of its electrical resistance. Different reactive metals, ceramics or polymers may be used in order to getter / control other gases such as nitrogen, vapour, etc. This technique is a simple way to sense / react with oxygen in integrated packages, which does not require a vacuum environment and heating up the whole package. Also, the sensing / getter material can be tailored for reactivity with other gases, a specific oxygen pressure (buffer), etc. Also, gettering and reactivity may be controlled by setting the temperature of operation. terials