NOVELTY - For control mono-phase or multiphase machines in motor or generating mode with or without pulse width modulation. USE - Control of electrical rotating machines. ADVANTAGE - Can be used for control of single phase and three phase machines. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The method for control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (10) from a supply source (11) without direct sensing, having at least a phase, a winding, and a rotor. The supply to each phase of the motor is controlled. The output signals from the voltage measured at each phase is sampled at variable frequency and the control of the supply to each phase is determined from the sampled signals. The control device uses a converter (12), a bridge network (13) which supplies the motor winding, a winding supply control unit, a measuring circuit (14) for the voltage at each phase, and a control unit (15). The control unit is composed of a microprocessor (16) and a comparator (17) which compares the instantaneous value of the total motor current to a reference value. The controller also has a sensor (18) which determines the real position of the rotor as a function of the induced voltage due to rotor displacement. All the components are contained on a printed circuit board.. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing a schematic of the system motor (10) supply source (11) convertor (12) bridge network (13) measuring circuit (14) control unit (15) micro-processor (16) comparator (17) sensor (18)