This work concerns the developing of new perceptual metrics for 3D watermarking quality assessment. Any water- marking algorithm, to be effective, requires that the distortions is inevitably introduces into the watermarked media is imperceptible. This requirements is particularly severe for watermarking of 3D objects where the visual quality of the original model has to be preserved, i.e. the visual aspect of the watermarked object have to be the same of the original one. Several methods based on the knowledge of Human Visual System (HVS) have been developed to achieve this goal for still images and video watermarking. Since now, no similar techniques for watermarking of 3D objects exist. Here, we propose a novel experimental methodology for subjective evaluations of 3D objects and two perceptual metrics for quality assessment of watermarked 3D objects. Such metrics have been developed combining roughness estimation of model surface with psychophysical data collected by subjective experiments based on the proposed methodology. The performances of the proposed metrics are deeply analyzed.