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Palladium supported on filamentous active carbon as effective catalyst for liquid-phase hydrogenation of 2-butyne-1,4-diol to 2-butene-1,4-diol

Structured palladium catalysts suitable for three-phase reactions have been developed based on woven fabrics of active carbon fibers (ACF) as the catalytic supports. The Pd/ACF were tested in liq.-phase hydrogenation of 2-butyne-1,4-diol showing a selectivity towards 2-butene-1,4-diol up to 97% at conversions up to 80%. Multiple reuse of the catalyst with stable activity/selectivity in a batch reactor was also demonstrated. The reaction kinetics was studied and the main kinetic parameters were obtained. Assuming a Langmuir-Hinshelwood kinetics and a weak hydrogen adsorption a suitable kinetic model was developed consistent with the exptl. data. [on SciFinder (R)]

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