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Determination of partition coefficients of labile compounds subject to dissociation extraction: Analysis of partitioning

A novel method for the detn. of partition coeffs. in aq.-org. two-phase systems is described. It is applicable for characterizing the distribution of substances undergoing proton dissocn. in the aq. phase. The method is based on titrn. by means of the org. phase. A linear form of the resp. model is given for parameter estn. by linear regression. This strategy is used for the detn. of the partition coeffs. of some N-unprotected n-alkyl esters of phenylalanine in various aq.-org. biphasic systems. These esters are of interest for the optical resoln. of phenylalanine with chymotrypsin. [on SciFinder (R)]

    Keywords: Partition (detn. of partition coeffs. of labile compds. subject to dissocn. extn.) ; phenylalanine ester partition coeff detn


    CAN 121:250381


    Biochemical Methods

    Institut de genie chimique,Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,Lausanne,Switz.



    written in English.

    63-91-2DP (Phenylalanine); 2577-90-4P (Phenylalanine methyl ester); 2885-10-1P; 3081-24-1P (Phenylalanine ethyl ester); 54966-38-0P; 81686-33-1P; 81686-34-2P Role: PRP (Properties), PUR (Purification or recovery), PREP (Preparation) (detn. of partition coeffs. of labile compds. subject to dissocn. extn.: Anal. of partitioning)


    • LGRC-ARTICLE-1993-001

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