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Neue 13C-spektroskopische Untersuchungen zur Struktur von Allylmetall-Verbindungen

High-resoln. 13C NMR spectra of terminally monodeuterated alkali metal and alk. earth metal allyl compds. confirm earlier structure assignments: allylmagnesium bromide exists in a s-covalent structure, which rapidly and reversibly goes over into its metallomeric mirror-image; allyllithium forms a distorted p-complex; allylpotassium and allylcesium have the shape of perfectly sym. or slightly asym. p-complexes. No NMR spectroscopic evidence is found in THF soln. for the presence of aggregates and mixed aggregates resulting from dimerization or oligomerization of monomeric allylmetal species. [on SciFinder (R)]

    Keywords: Nuclear magnetic resonance (of carbon-13 ; in allyl metal compds.) ; NMR carbon metal allyl


    CAN 96:19430 22-6 Physical Organic Chemistry Inst. Chim. Org.,Univ. Lausanne,Lausanne,Switz. Journal 0022-328X written in German. 76286-01-6; 80177-48-6; 80177-49-7; 80177-50-0 Role: PRP (Properties) (structure of, carbon-13 NMR in relation to)


    • LSCO-ARTICLE-1981-003

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