A method is described for copolymg. diallyldimethylammonium chloride (I) with diallyl malonate (II), diallyl fumarate, acrylamide, or a similar monomer to prep. resins which were useful as elec. conducting coatings on paper, as flocculating agents, etc. The copolymn. did not require an inert atm. and gave nontacky resins with good processability. Thus, 50 g 50% I soln. was mixed with 200 ppm EDTA di-Na salt and 200 mg II, heated at 95 Deg, treated with 10 mL water contg. 900 mg (NH4)2S2O8 during 100 min, and heated at 100 Deg for 30 min to prep. a copolymer [65895-81-0] which was suitable for coating on paper. [on SciFinder (R)]