Influence of the physical properties of the liquid on axial dispersion in packed columns

The effects of the viscosity and surface tension on the axial dispersion and liq. holdup was investigated in a 0.3-m-diam. packed column with countercurrent gas-liq. flow. The axial dispersion appeared to be independent of the viscosity and surface tension. The traditional complex form of correlating Peclet nos. as a function of the interstitial Reynolds and Galileo nos. may be replaced by a much simpler form contg. only the Froude no. as a correlating variable for the liq. phase. The axial dispersion depended slightly on the gas flow rate. Differences in axial dispersion and holdup were obsd. as a function of the radial position. [on SciFinder (R)]

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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Process Design and Development, 23, 4, 717-24

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