A short-cut design procedure was developed, allowing the quick approx. design of nonisothermal, packed, absorption columns by hand. The method is not based on simplifying assumptions, but on a correlation of a large no. of rigorously obtained liq. temp. profiles. The rigorous computations include a wide range of system properties and operating conditions. Correlation of the liq. temp. profiles was possible by correlating the temp. of the exit liq. and a temp. assocd. with the internal temp. max. sep. Also, the need for graphical integration in cases with equil. lines curved due to the temp. variations was eliminated by replacing the curved equil. line by 2 straight lines and correlating the slopes of those lines. The method is more reliable than the conventional approx. calcn. methods based on simplifying assumptions and is often less time consuming. [on SciFinder (R)]