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Gas absorption with heat effects. II. Experimental results

Addnl. data considered in abstracting and indexing are available from a source cited in the original document. Nonisothermal gas absorption in plate columns was studied and the data were compared with the values computed by the procedure developed in Part I. In addn. to the usual phys. chem. data, the 3 Murphree plate efficiencies were required. These were detd. as functions of the operating variables in a 1-plate absorber. The conditions used in the absorption expts. included feed gas concns. of 0-12% NH3, feed-gas humidities of 0-80%, various liq.:gas ratios, and either 5 bubble-cap plates or 11 sieve trays. After an anal. of the exptl. errors, statistical methods were used to assess the agreement between measured and calcd. variables,considering principally the concns. and temps. of the 2 streams leaving the absorbers, and also the temp. and compn. profiles. The high degree of agreement proves the reliability and flexibility of the method and also shows the accuracy of the data needed. [on SciFinder (R)]


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