NMR study of the p-DNA duplex [(4'->2')-3'-desoxyribopyranosyl-(m5CGDDTTm5CG)2] and comparison with its p-RNA analogue

The detn. of the soln. structure of small non-natural oligopeptides and oligonucleotides by NMR, which is one of the main research topics of our group, is illustrated on the example of an 8-mer p-DNA duplex. P-DNA, the 3'-desoxy analog of p-RNA, forms an highly selective pairing system but its pairing strength is less than that of analogous p-RNA sequences. The NMR study reveals that the backbone of p-DNA corresponds more closely to the conformation predicted for pentapyranose nucleic acids by qual. conformational anal. than p-RNA. [on SciFinder (R)]

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Chimia, 55, 10, 852-855

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