Charge transfer excitations of doped rare gas matrixes

Structured progressions, assocd. with the Cl-Rg+ and H-Rg+ charge transfer species, are obsd. for Cl and H atoms isolated in Kr and Xe (Rg) crystals and are assigned as transitions to Rydberg states. The Rydberg levels correspond to delocalized pos. hole states in the rare gas solid (Rg+) orbiting a neg. center (Cl- or H-). For OH in Ar and Kr matrixes, transitions to static charge transfer states are identified. For both of these rather extreme situations, simple model are used successfully to predict the transition energies. For the former, an exciton model based on the effective mass approxn. and utilizing quantum defect nos. is used, while in the latter, a Coulombic potential screened by the medium is used. [on SciFinder (R)]

Published in:
Journal of Luminescence, 48-49, Pt. 2, 621-5

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