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Rydberg states and intramolecular relaxation of nitric oxide trapped in rare gas matrixes

Three new progressions consisting of broad bands were obsd. in the absorption spectrum of NO in solid Ar. They are identified as the mol. Rydberg A 2.sum.+,C 2P and D 2.sum.+-X 2P (v', 0) transitions, blue shifted with respect to the gas phase by .apprx.0.85 eV. Excitation of the mol. yields emission from A 2.sum.+ (v = 0) with large absorption-emission Stokes shifts, and from the valence B 2P(v = 0) and a 4P(v = 0) states. Intensity ratios between these states in Ar, Kr, and Xe matrixes are given and discussed. [on SciFinder (R)]


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