This paper deals with the electrochem. reactivity of B doped diamond (BDD) electrodes. A comparative study was carried out to show the influence of the presence of graphitic micro-domains upon the surface of these films. Those graphitic domains are sometimes present on as-grown B doped diamond electrodes. The effect of doping a pure Csp3 diamond electrode is established by highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) abrasion onto the diamond surface. To establish the effect of doping on a pure Csp3 diamond electrode, the amt. of graphitic domains was increased by HOPG crystals grafted onto the BDD surface. Indeed that method allows the enrichment of the Csp2 contribution of the electrode. The presence of graphitic domains can be correlatively assocd. with the presence of kinetically active redox sites. The electrochem. reactivity of B doped diamond electrodes shows a distribution of kinetic consts. on the whole surface of the electrode corresponding to different active sites. The authors have studied by cyclic voltammetry and electrochem. impedance spectroscopy the kinetics parameters of the ferri/ferrocyanide redox couple in KCl electrolyte. A method is proposed to diagnose the presence of graphitic domains on diamond electrodes, and an electrochem. pulse cleaning procedure is proposed to remove them. [on SciFinder (R)]