Application of a direct elec. field in contaminated soils is expected to produce an important in situ means of environmental restoration. The factors that det. the success of the process are the combined effects of electroosmosis, ionic migration, electrochem. and chem. reactions. During extn. of copper, the pH of the purging soln. had significant influence on process efficiency. Extn. of 94-99 % of the initial copper present in kaolinite clay, under controlled acidic pH, has been achieved. During extn. of phenol, the efficiency of the process is detd. by the electroosmotic flow rate. More than 80 % of the initial phenol present in kaolinite clay has been recovered. The compn. of the pore soln. and the applied elec. field are the detg. parameters of the optimization of the process. [on SciFinder (R)]