Reactions directed towards Sb(OTeF5)-6 salts of new tellurium cations: formation, FT-Raman spectrum and X-ray crystal structure of [Cl3Te-F-TeCl3][Sb(OTeF5)6] containing the m-fluoro-bis[trichloro-tellurium(IV)] cation

The metathesis reaction of TeBr4 and AgSb(OTeF5)6 in SO2 led to [TeBr3][Sb(OTeF5)6] and AgBr, and that of 2AgSb(OTeF5)6 with 7Te:TeBr4 led to [Te4][Sb(OTeF5)6]2. The crystal structure of [Cl3Te-F-TeCl3][Sb(OTeF5)6] is reported, prepd. from Te, TeBr4 and AgSb(OTeF5)6 in SO2ClF. [Cl3Te-F-TeCl3][Sb(OTeF5)6] crystallizes in space group P.hivin.1 with a = 10.144(6), b = 10.462(2), c 9.023(4) .ANG., a 93.38(2), b 104.42(4), g 83.06(3) Deg, V = 920.3(5) .ANG.3 and Z = 2. The structure consists of isolated fluoride bridged [Cl3Te-F-TeCl3]+ cations and [Sb(OTeF5)6]- anions with some cation-anion interactions. The obsd. structure and FT-Raman spectrum of [Cl3Te-F-TeCl3]+ are in agreement with that predicted by theor. calcns. (B3PW91/3-21G*). [on SciFinder (R)]

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Solid State Sciences, 4, 11-12, 1435-1441

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