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Chemoselective ligation methods in TASP design

A report from a symposium on the prepn. of regioselectively addressable functionalized templates, e.g. cyclo[Lys(AllocNHOCH2CO)-Pro-Gly-Lys(BocNHOCH2CO)-Ala-Lys(SuCH2CH2CO)-Pro-Gly-Lys(FmocNHOCH2CO)-Ala] (Alloc = allyloxycarbonyl, Su = succinimido, Fmoc = 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl), contg. orthogonal protective groups for the selective introduction of peptidyl aldehydes (via oxime linkages) or peptidyl thiols (via addn. to the succinimide group). [on SciFinder (R)]


    • LCBP-CONF-1995-001

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