Modeling bioremediation of contaminated groundwater

Bioremediation: Applied Microbial Solutions for Real-World Environmental Cleanup is a fascinating examination of research and its real-world application. Intended for both academics and practitioners, the book presents information on the legal, scientific, and engineering principles behind bioremediation for cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater sources. Bioremediation incorporates a variety of international perspectives in detailing for industrial engineers and researchers the current technologies and the research and development pointing to new technologies. This new volume covers foundational material, including the importance of bioremediation, the range of contamination conditions under which bioremediation technologies can be used, and the legal and regulatory drivers for employing bioremediation. The methods used to assess contamination sites are detailed, and focused chapters cover organic, metal, soil, aquatic, and marine bioremediation. Chapters also provide in-depth coverage of challenges associated with bioremediation, including risk-based design criteria and project modeling.

Atlas, R. M.
Hazen, T.
Philp, J. C.
Published in:
Bioremediation: Applied Microbial Solutions for Real-World Environmental Cleanup, 108-138
Washington, D. C., USA, American Society for Microbiology Press
Chapter 4

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