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Mechanistic in situ high-pressure NMR studies of benzene hydrogenation by supramolecular cluster catalysis with [(eta(6)-C6H6)(eta(6)-C6Me6)(2)Ru-3(mu(3)-O)(mu(2)-OH)(mu(2)-H)(2)][BF4]

In situ high-pressure NMR spectroscopy of the hydrogenation of benzene to give cyclohexane, catalysed by the cluster cation [(eta(6)-C6H6) (eta(6)-C6Me6)(2)Ru-3(mu(3)-O)(mu(2)-OH)(mu(2)-H)(2)](+) 2, supports a mechanism involving a supramolecular host-guest complex of the substrate molecule in the hydrophobic pocket of the intact cluster molecule.


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