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Silicon Micro/Nanomechanical Device Fabrication Based on Focused Ion Beam Surface Modification and KOH Etching

Selective Ga + ion implantation and miring by focused ion beam exposure and subsequent wet chemical etching is used to fabricate micro/nanomechanical elements in Si. Freestanding elements with a   30 nm membrane thickness are made by controlled selective underetching between unexposed and exposed areas. Ultrahigh-frequency cantilever beams have been made with resonances in the tens of MHz range. Using a U-shaped beam cross section, mechanical stiffness could be increased 100-fold, which in turn increased the beam resonance frequency to several hundreds of MHz. The direct-write patterning/milling technique was used to fabricate various arbitrary shapes with vertical sidewalls such as submicrometer-sized containers, cups, and other nanomechanical devices.


    • LMIS1-ARTICLE-2005-015

    Record created on 2005-11-02, modified on 2017-05-10

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