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In this paper, we present the first system that implements OpenMP on a network of shared-memory multiprocessors. This system enables the programmer to rely on a single, standard, shared-memory API for parallelization within a multiprocessor and between multiprocessors. It is implemented via a translator that converts OpenMP directives to appropriate calls to a modified version of the TreadMarks software distributed memory system (SDSM). In contrast to previous SDSM systems for SMPs, the modified TreadMarks uses POSIX threads for parallelism within an SMP node. This approach greatly simplifies the changes required to the SDSM in order to exploit the intra-node hardware shared memory. We present performance results for six applications (SPLASH-2 Barnes-Hut andWater, NAS 3D-FFT, SOR, TSP and MGS) running on an SP2 with four four-processor SMP nodes. A comparison between the threaded implementation and the original implementation of TreadMarks shows that using the hardware shared memory within an SMP node significantly reduces the amount of data and the number of messages transmitted between nodes, and consequently achieves speedups up to 30% better than the original versions. We also compare SDSM against message passing. Overall, the speedups of multithreaded TreadMarks programs are within 7–30% of the MPI versions.