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A computer system for the promotion of the rational use of energy in the industry has been developed. It combines the PINCHLENI software developed by the LENI (Laboratory of industrial Energy Systems) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne) and the web based platform EXSYS developed initially by the LASSC (Laboratory for the Analysis and the Synthesis of Chemical Systems) at the University of Liège (B) with the support of the European commission. It represents an efficient platform for solving process integration problems.? ? A web site allowing free download of the tools has been developed. It includes a users data base, a FAQ and a bug reporting section that will allow a more efficient and easier maintenance of the software tools.? ? The Windows version of PINCHLENI has been stabilized and a communication interface with the EXSYS platform has been developed. This system is an efficient system for computing the process integration including the optimal integration of energy conversion technologies like combustion, gas turbines, steam network, Rankine cycles, heat pumps and refrigeration cycles. This system is particularly well suited for solving site scale problems (as demonstrated in an industrial site application solved during this project).? ? A courseware (in English language) helps learning the utilisation of the software. It is composed of online manuals and teaching materials for the theoretical backgrounds, a FAQ list with a search engine as well as a hypertext tutorial document illsutrating the application of the two computer platforms for solving a small example.? ? Results of this research project will be found on the LENI web site: (