Automotive Vehicle Including a Security Arrangement Provided with an Inflatable Protective Bag

The invention concerns an automotive vehicle. This vehicle comprises a dashboard , steering control handles distanced from the dashboard, the dashboard comprising a compartment closed by a flap and in which is arranged a protective bag of supple material at least partially gas-tight, the bag being coupled to a gas source and one or more accelerometers for automatically releasing the gas source in response to abnormal behaviour of the vehicle, in that the bag spreads out, in the inflated state, over substantially the entire area of the dashboard. SMH - MCC Smart, car concepts

    Keywords: Automotive component ; Airbag ; Passenger safety


    United States Patent. January, 23, 1996. Company: Swatch - Mercedes-Benz.


    Record created on 2005-07-20, modified on 2017-05-12

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