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Query processing in traditional Database Management Systems (DBMS) has been extensively studied in the literature and adopted in industry. Such success is, in part, due to the performance of their Query Execution En-gines (QEE) for supporting the execution of traditional queries. With the advent of the web and its semi-structured data model, new query scenarios were cre-ated, suggesting new execution models such as: adaptive, continuous, and stream based. To support these models, the traditional QEE must be extended, resulting in a great development effort as the one recently seen to support the XML data model. This paper proposes the design and construction of an exten-sible QEE adapted to new execution models and our approach is to implement each execution model as a combination of execution modules. Thus, adding new modules to this QEE, new execution models will be supported. To achieve this goal, we use a software framework technique to produce a framework, named QEEF (Query Execution Engine Framework).