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Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship : The Organizational Side of Technology Commercialization

New knowledge with commercial potential is continually created in academic institutions. How is it turned into economically valuable businesses? This paper argues that the transfer is an entrepreneurial process. To understand this, the actions and the constraints characteristic for the entrepreneurial reshaping of the division of labor must be recognized. In the case of knowledge-based entrepreneurship, specific constraints result from the peculiarities of scientific knowledge – epitomized by constrasting tacit and encoded knowledge. Scientifically trained labor is required for transferring both forms of knowledge. However, the mode of transfer differs crucially and shapes the organizational form of commercializing new scientific knowledge.


    JEL classification : L23, M13, O31, O32. CDM Working Papers Series


    • CEMI-WORKING-2005-002

    Record created on 2005-07-12, modified on 2017-09-01

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