System and method for generating and maintaining a relative positioning system without GPS

NOVELTY - At least some of wireless terminals can communicate over wireless links (2) in one or several hops with at least some of the other wireless terminals. The distances (dij) to one-hop neighbors may be measured in a number of the wireless terminals (1), using the distances measured in at least two terminals (1) to compute the location (x,y) of at least one other wireless terminal. USE - For determining the relative position of wireless terminals in a network without using GPS. ADVANTAGE - Generates and maintains a relative positioning system in an ad hoc network. Enables the terminals to find their positions within the network area using only the locally available information.

US Patent filed July 2, 2001
Alternative title(s) : (de) Verfahren und drahtloses endgerät zur erzeugung und aufrechterhaltung eines relativen ortungssystems (fr) Procede et terminal sans fil destines a generer et a maintenir un systeme de positionnement relatif (en) Method and wireless terminal for generating and maintaining a relative positioning system
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