Method for transmitting payment information between a terminal and a third equipment

NOVELTY - Secret data is generated in one terminal or user equipment. Secret or hash value of secret is displayed on display terminal (11) or user equipment and is entered on input element of other terminal or user equipment. Shared secret data is used to guarantee authenticity of at least part of session over short distance wireless link. Cryptographic computing element in user equipment uses smart card. USE - For securing a session over a short distance wireless link between a terminal and an additional user equipment, e.g. between a personal computer and a mobile. ADVANTAGE - Allows user to access remote server from mobile equipment through a short distance wire interface and a terminal. Method is more secure than existing methods and guarantees that right mobile equipment is connected to right terminal. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for a smart card and for a computer program on a carrier. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The figure shows the messages which are exchanged between the principals over the various channels in the invention.

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