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We address the problem of efficient bit allocation in a dependent coding environment. While optimal bit allocation for independently coded signal blocks has been studied in the literature, we extend these techniques to the more general temporally and spatially dependent coding scenarios. Of particular interest are the topical MPEG video coder and multiresolution coders. Our approach uses an operational rate-distortion (R-D) framework for arbitrary quantizer sets. We show how a certain monotonicity property of the dependent R-D curves can be exploited in formulating fast ways to obtain optimal and near-optimal solutions. We illustrate the application of this property in specifying intelligent pruning conditions to eliminate suboptimal operating points for the MPEG allocation problem, for which we also point out fast nearly-optimal heuristics. Additionally, we formulate an efficient allocation strategy for multiresolution coders, using the spatial pyramid coder as an example. We then extend this analysis to a spatio-temporal 3-D pyramidal coding scheme. We tackle the compatibility problem of optimizing full-resolution quality while simultaneously catering to subresolution bit rate or quality constraints. We show how to obtain fast solutions that provide nearly optimal (typically within 0.3 dB) full resolution quality while providing much better performance for the subresolution layer (typically 2-3 dB better than the full-resolution optimal solution)