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Combining IntServ and DiffServ under Linux

Combining Integrated Services ([1], [5]) QoS mechanisms for end-to-end signaling at hosts and Differentiated Services ([2], [10]) QoS mechanisms in the network core is one proposal for overcoming the limitation of either mechanisms when applied alone ([8]). In this paper some of the open issues in [8] are discussed and a concrete proposal is presented, which maps the IntServ Controlled Load Service into the DiffServ Expedited Forwarding Per Hop Behavior. The proposed approach has been implemented under the Linux Operating System. The implementation allows verifying the correct functional behavior and provides a platform where more complete performance tests are possible.

    Keywords: Linux ; diffserv


    • LCA-CONF-2000-014

    Record created on 2004-08-31, modified on 2017-05-12

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