The nonlinear behavior of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) is often modeled by an E-J power law in order to describe their electromagnetic properties. This paper presents AC loss calculations in HTS tapes, performed by means of FEM commercial software using the A-V method. The implemented nonlinear model of the HTS tapes takes into account the B-dependence of the critical current density Jc and the power index n. The expressions for Jc(B) and n(B) are obtained from electrical measurements of a Bi-2223 tape under applied DC magnetic field. Numerical simulations of HTS tapes under different experimental conditions have been performed, i.e. the application of a transport current and/or AC external perpendicular magnetic field at 59 Hz. A comparative analysis of AC loss is then presented where Jc and n are maintained either constant or B-dependent. The combined Jc(B) and n(B) formulation leads to a better understanding of HTS electromagnetic behavior, especially when a perpendicular magnetic field is applied.