In this paper we study stationary graphs for functionals of geometric nature defined on currents or varifolds. The point of view we adopt is the one of differential inclusions, introduced in this context in the recent papers (De Lellis et al. in Geometric measure theory and differential inclusions, 2019. arXiv:1910.00335; Tione in Minimal graphs and differential inclusions. Commun Part Differ Equ 7:1–33, 2021). In particular, given a polyconvex integrand f, we define a set of matrices Cf that allows us to rewrite the stationarity condition for a graph with multiplicity as a differential inclusion. Then we prove that if f is assumed to be non-negative, then in Cf there is no T′N configuration, thus recovering the main result of De Lellis et al. (Geometric measure theory and differential inclusions, 2019. arXiv:1910.00335) as a corollary. Finally, we show that if the hypothesis of non-negativity is dropped, one can not only find T′N configurations in Cf, but it is also possible to construct via convex integration a very degenerate stationary point with multiplicity.