Molecular medical imaging is intended to increase the accuracy of diagnosis, particularly in cardiovascular and cancer-related diseases, where early detection could significantly increase the treatment success rate. In this study, we present mixed micelles formed from four building blocks as a magnetic resonance imaging targeted contrast agent for the detection of athemma and cancer cells. The building blocks are a gadolinium-loaded DOTA ring responsible for contrast enhancement, a fibrin-specific CREKA pentapeptide responsible for targeting, a fluorescent dye and DSPE-PEG(2000) The micelles were fully characterized in terms of their size, zeta potential, stability, relaxivity and toxicity. Target binding assays performed on fibrin clots were quantified by fluorescence and image signal intensities and proved the binding power. An additional internalization assay showed that the micelles were also designed to specifically enter into cancer cells. Overall, these multimodal mixed micelles represent a potential formulation for MRI molecular imaging of atheroma and cancer cells.