Global increase in the human population and life-style changes have led to enormous development in various industries, including beverage industry. Among the innumerable beverage industries, wineries have received increasing attention and consideration due to various health related benefits and involvement of agricultural materials. Winery industry produces huge quantities of waste materials in the form of solid and liquid wastes. Disposal of these residues (wastes) in the environement is a serious concern and has attracted increasing R&D efforts for their utilization in sustainable manner. Several existing treatments available for winery wastes not environmental-friendly and are even expensive. Usually, combined or hydrid treatment methods have been advocated to achieve the complete utilization of these wastes and among these, bio-based treatment processes have been in much focus for attaining environmental suutaibility in particular. Accordinglt, this review mainly focuses on the application of biorefinery concept for sustainable winery waste management as it is expected that such bioprocesses would be of great impliactions for bioeconomy with furture developments. The review also highlights the advanced techniques for the bioconversion of winery wastes and articulates the major associated challenges.