A persistent transactional memory (PTM) library provides an easy-to-use interface to programmers for using byte-addressable non-volatile memory (NVM). Previously proposed PTMs have, so far, been blocking. We present OneFile, the first wait-free PTM with integrated wait-free memory reclamation. We have designed and implemented two variants of the OneFile, one with lock-free progress and the other with bounded wait-free progress. We additionally present software transactional memory (STM) implementations of the lock-free and wait-free algorithms targeting volatile memory. Each of our PTMs and STMs is implemented as a single C++ file with 1,000 lines of code, making them versatile to use. Equipped with these PTMs and STMs, non-expert developers can design and implement their own lock-free and wait-free data structures on NVM, thus making lock-free programming accessible to common software developers.