This thesis explores the application of semiclassical methods in the study of states with large quantum numbers for theories invariant under internal symmetries. In the first part of the thesis, we study zero-temperature superfluids. These provide a general description of many systems at finite charge density. In particular, we derive a universal effective field theory description for non-Abelian superfluids. Such construction illustrates the role of gapped Goldstones, Goldstone modes whose gap is fixed by the symmetry, and may be as large as the strong coupling scale of the system. The second and third part of the thesis are devoted to the study of operators with large internal charge in strongly coupled conformal field theories. Using effective field theory techniques, we derive universal results for the spectrum of scaling dimensions and the OPE coefficients in a large charge expansion, both for theories invariant under Abelian and non-Abelian symmetry groups. We also extend these results to operators with large spin as well as large internal charge. The last part of this thesis studies operators with large internal charge within the ε-expansion. We show how, using a semiclassical approach, one can overcome the breakdown of diagrammatic perturbation theory for the multi-legged amplitudes associated with these operators. These results provide a concrete illustration of the systematic large charge expansion discussed in the previous parts.