The neutral beam deposition model in the BEAMS3D code is validated against neutral beam attenuation data from Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X). A set of experimental discharges where the neutral beam injection system of W7-X was utilized were reconstructed. These discharges scanned the magnetic configurations and plasma densities of W7-X. The equilibrium reconstructions were performed using STELLOPT which calculates three-dimensional self-consistent ideal magnetohydrodynamic equilibria and kinetic profiles. These reconstructions leveraged new capabilities to incorporate electron cyclotron emission and x-ray imaging diagnostics in the STELLOPT code. The reconstructed equilibria and profiles served as inputs for BEAMS3D calculations of neutral beam deposition in W7-X. It is found that if reconstructed kinetic profiles are utilized, good agreement between measured and simulated beam attenuation is found. As deposition models provide initial conditions for fast-ion slowing down calculations, this work provides a first step towards validating our ability to predict fast ion confinement in stellarators.