The provided data are the hourly CO2-eq emission factors, and the hourly conversion factors for the cumulative energy demand and its non-renewable part for the Swiss electricity mix over one year (2016 and 2017). These data have been assessed on the base of an inventory of the technology used for electricity generation and an attributional life-cycle approach according to the methodology presented in [1]. Compared with [2], electricity imports from Italy to Switzerland are not neglected anymore, and lead to more accurate output data. The utility of the proposed data lies in the multiple possible applications. The presented data are necessary for conducting a life cycle assessment of all processes and products using electricity in Switzerland. Moreover, the presented data could serve as a sustainable benchmark of electricity when implementing renewable energy systems and energy storage. Because of their temporal accuracy, the hourly conversion factors enable the development of energy management strategies taking into account the time-dependent life cycle impacts. Finally, they can be used for the quantitative follow-up of the decarbonization process of the grid electricity at the national level over a given lapse of time.