Characterization of Wind Turbine Wakes with Nacelle-Mounted Doppler LiDARs and Model Validation in the Presence of Wind Veer

Accurate prediction of wind turbine wakes is important for more efficient design and operation of wind parks. Volumetric wake measurements of nacelle-mounted Doppler lidars are used to characterize the wake of a full-scale wind turbine and to validate an analytical wake model that incorporates the effect of wind veer. Both, measurements and model prediction, show an elliptical and tilted spanwise cross-section of the wake in the presence of wind veer. The error between model and measurements is reduced compared to a model without the effect of wind veer. The characterization of the downwind velocity deficit development and wake growth is robust. The wake tilt angle can only be determined for elliptical wakes.

Published in:
Remote Sensing, 11, 19, 2247
Sep 26 2019
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